Pre-planning is the key to creating a unique and eye-catching wall art display. Before you begin, spend time planning your space. Think about what you’re trying to achieve and do your research before you begin. Look online for ideas and inspiration and start to put together a collection of ideas that you’d like to incorporate into your own home. Pinterest is a great platform for this as it allows you to create virtual mood boards. 

Once you have a clear idea in your mind about what you’d like to achieve you can begin. Today we’ve put together some ideas for you to help you get started:  

Use mismatched frames for your wall art

If eclectic style is your thing don’t be afraid to use mismatched frames to display your wall art. Mix it up with different colours, different sizes and different styles of frames. The trick to using mismatched frames is in the pre-planning. Lay out your frames on the floor before you hang them to make sure they work well together. Using mismatched frames is a great way to create a unique and personal space within your home.  

Make use of picture shelves 

If you frequently change your wall art opt for picture shelves instead of hanging your art. You can buy picture shelves that have small grooves at the front to keep the prints in place and at the perfect angle. Choose a shelf colour that compliments the colours in your artwork or frames, alternatively pick a neutral colour such as white so they will match all of your artwork.    

Stick to odd numbers

When it comes to design, odd numbers are the way forward. Odd numbers are visually appealing as it forces your eyes to move around the area, grouping the individual items together and taking in the space as a whole. To use the odd numbers rule, group your artwork into 3’s, 5’s or 7’s. 


Go large

If you want to instantly transform a space and make it look classy and expensive go large with your prints and frames. The bigger the better. The trick with stand alone art is to hang it so the centre point of the artwork is at eye level, normally around 1.5m off the floor. Alternatively large prints also look great leaning against a wall. 


Gallery wall 

If you can’t afford to go large then the next best option is to create a gallery wall. This works especially well in large spaces. The key to creating an effective gallery wall is to always start with a hero piece. This helps to anchor the arrangement, leaving you space around it to bring everything together.  Hang your hero piece in the same way you would hang stand alone artwork, with the centre of the artwork at eye level and then work outwards from there. The recommended gap between the individual pieces is between 5 - 10cm. 

Whatever design route you choose to go down for your home remember to incorporate a mixture of prints, posters, paintings, photographs and wall art installations to add variety and interest to your space.

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April 04, 2022 — Paige Taylor